Convenient, comprehensive, compassionate care

Senior Dental Care was founded in 1999 to address a growing need for convenient access to quality dental care by both nursing homes and their residents. We take pride in our ability to orchestrate this much-needed care, provided in the comfort of our patients’ familiar surroundings.

Our Purpose

We strive to deliver the best in professional dentistry services to nursing homes of those who want more convenience, good oral health and a genuine reason to smile.

Our Experience

Our expert teams currently serve thousands of patients in approximately 1000 nursing homes, and we are the largest on-site, exclusive dental care provider.

Customer Satisfaction

We use our customer satisfaction survey for continuous improvement to drive quality access to care, making your job easier and keeping you compliant.

Core Values

Our company collaboratively developed the following core values. These values are reflected by our internal and mobile teams in the service you experience.

  • Care Fully -- We’re both passionate and compassionate.
  • Team Works -- We recognize that performance is cumulative.
  • Strive for Excellence -- We are always seeking to find better solutions.
“Patients need to feel like someone cares for them and is concerned with their well-being. I take time to chat with them and make sure they’re happy...” - Laura Healy, Senior Dental Care Hygienist and member of our team

If you want to know if services are available in your community, please contact us.

Why is it important?

Effective oral care leads to better overall health and quality of life.

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